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Miserra Aesthetic Water Bank Hydro Serum
Price RM179.00
Product SKU product-1578042204309
Brand Miserra Aesthetic
Size (L x W x H) 3.3 cm x 3.5 cm x 12.2 cm
Availability 100
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Main functions: Elasticity increase, wrinkle reduce, pore contraction, moisture increase, smooth fine lines, skin firm, whitening effect

1. Frequent exposure to ultraviolet radiation leads to uneven skin tone
2. Staying up late for a long time makes your skin dull
3. Dry and starts to get rough
4. Sebum secretion more, hair follicle obstruction, cause acne
5. Skin is loose and elastic
6. Your pores are getting bigger and bigger
7. The skin is prone to swelling, sensitive and fragile


To regain youth, it is important to make nutritional supplements and repairs immediately
Starting at age 22, skin begins to experience nutrient loss and signs of gradual aging

- if you dont solve small problems, you cant get away with big ones.
(slight wrinkles vs. severe wrinkles/slight dark circles vs. severe dark circles)

- to regain youth, you must replenish energy and nourish your skin quickly.

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  • Miserra Aesthetic Water Bank Hydro Serum