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  • Source Alternative Sweeteners
  • Sweetener instead of Sugar


Stevia Extract, Glycol & Glycerol


Put in 2 drops of Farin Stevia Leaf or more into the drink, stir well and ready to drink. 

  • Deeply Cleanse Pore 
  • Remove Excess Oil
  • Aging Cutin
  • Residual Makeup
  • Fight Blackheads And Acnes
  • Solve Large Pores Problem
  • Gentle and non-irriating can be used by pregent women and children

It contains:

Wood Fiber,Wind Weaving Technology,Physical Absorption,Avoid Harming the Sebum Membrane,Improve the Cuticle


Main Functions

Effective sterilization and prevention of arteriosclerosis

Natural scrub, gentle and does not damage the scalp

Super anti-oxidation, retards the aging of scalp

Moisturize a lot to protect your scalp





Our tagline, ‘Plant a Tree While Enjoying a Cup of Coffee’ reflects our mission in a very clear and effective manner. 

When someone is enjoying a cup of Pocoffee Instant White Coffee, that someone is actually helping with our lifelong commitment in saving Mother Earth. A generous amount earned from every purchase will go towards a massive tree planting project, in hopes of reversing the damages caused by massive development over the recent years. Many wildlife have lost their homes because of this. Contributing a portion of our earnings is the least we can do as inhabitants of this planet. 

Direction to Use:

  1. Pour content into cup
  2. Add 150 ml hot water
  3. Stir and Serve