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Miserra Aesthetic Scalp Spa
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Brand Miserra Aesthetic
Size (L x W x H) 0 cm x 20 cm x 0 cm
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Main Functions

Effective sterilization and prevention of arteriosclerosis

Natural scrub, gentle and does not damage the scalp

Super anti-oxidation, retards the aging of scalp

Moisturize a lot to protect your scalp


Main extract

1) Hydrolyzed soy protein: hydrolyzed soy protein is a natural moisturizing ingredient, containing a large amount of amino, hydroxyl and carboxyl groups, which can provide a large amount of water to form a skin membrane on the skin surface and play a protective role. It can also promote skin collagen regeneration and super antioxidant function to delay aging.

2) Walnut shell: walnut shell is a natural scrub material. Scrubbing the scalp with walnut shells does not harm the scalp. Walnut shell contains a lot of tannic acid, organic acid, vitamin C, can effectively sterilize and prevent arteriosclerosis.

What's in the box
  • 1 bottle Miserra Aesthetic Scalp Spa