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PoCoffee Instant White Coffee
Price RM20.00
Product SKU product-1578032214364
Size (L x W x H) 12 cm x 6 cm x 17 cm
Availability 95
Shipping Fee
12 or more RM240.00



Our tagline, ‘Plant a Tree While Enjoying a Cup of Coffee’ reflects our mission in a very clear and effective manner. 

When someone is enjoying a cup of Pocoffee Instant White Coffee, that someone is actually helping with our lifelong commitment in saving Mother Earth. A generous amount earned from every purchase will go towards a massive tree planting project, in hopes of reversing the damages caused by massive development over the recent years. Many wildlife have lost their homes because of this. Contributing a portion of our earnings is the least we can do as inhabitants of this planet. 

Direction to Use:

  1. Pour content into cup
  2. Add 150 ml hot water
  3. Stir and Serve



100% Ipoh-made: Pocoffee Instant White Coffee


A cup of coffee is only as good as the coffee beans used to make it. However, not all coffee are made equal, especially instant coffee. It’s no secret that Ipoh, Perak makes some of the finest instant coffee brands in Malaysia. According to Lonely Planet, Ipoh is one of the best coffee towns in Asia, and rightfully so! Most Malaysians know this, which is why many will purposely travel to Ipoh when they are searching for instant white coffee. 


Joining the list of premier instant white coffee brands in Malaysia is the Ipoh-made Pocoffee, a new brand that offers more than just delicious coffee. Now, coffee lovers in Malaysia have one more amazing instant white coffee to add into their shopping cart! 

What's in the box
  • 10 sticks in a box