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Let's Simple 简肌方式
Let's Simple 简肌方式
Let's Simple 简肌方式

SIMPLE APL helps people who face these problems: 

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Anti-dryness Anti-weakness Ampoule Essential Liquid- Refreshing Moisturizing (BLUE) 

  • Applicable Skin: Suitable for a variety of skin, especially for oily. mixed oily skin. 

Anti-dryness Anti-weakness Ampoule Essential Liquid- Deeply Moisturizing (BLACK)

  • Applicable Skin: Applicable for various skin, especially for dry, unlustrous and rough skin. 


  • Helps to Reduce Itchy and Redness for improving skin Flexibility
  • Smooth Dry lines and Fine Lines for Increasing Skin Hydration
  • Reduce Skin Darkness, Sensitive And Rough for improving skin brightness
  • Deeply Cleanse Pore 
  • Remove Excess Oil
  • Aging Cutin
  • Residual Makeup
  • Fight Blackheads And Acnes
  • Solve Large Pores Problem
  • Gentle and non-irriating can be used by pregent women and children

It contains:

Wood Fiber,Wind Weaving Technology,Physical Absorption,Avoid Harming the Sebum Membrane,Improve the Cuticle